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Arranging transport for a patient, or an elderly person who needs travel assistance, can be a daunting task since the level of care required during transport is very high. However, air and ground ambulance services are available in Seoul, Korea that can provide air ambulance transportation as well as a medical van that will be able to transport your loved one safely to their destination. When you’re in need of fast and efficient medical transports like air and ground ambulances, look no further than Royal American Limousines. With a worldwide network of ground and air transportation vehicles, we are able to provide personalized and customer-driven transportation management services of all kinds including medical travel assistance with our air and ground ambulances.

Seoul Air ambulance

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Each air ambulance vehicle operated by us in Seoul, Korea has the latest in life saving features so as to ensure each patient is transported in the most efficient manner to their destination. Air ambulances look like small hospitals in the air since they will have all required emergency equipments, as well as medical staff and doctors to attend to the patient. These can also be used for non-emergency patient transport for example in the case of an elderly patient who cannot use land or sea transport. The ambulance will vary depending on your requirements and budget, but for fast patient transport air ambulances are the best solution.

Seoul Ground ambulance

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We have a fleet of ambulances that can be at any location quickly. Every ground ambulance has state of the art life support systems as well as ICU facilities. Ground ambulances are most often seen responding directly to emergency situations, be it an accident site or a private home. Each ambulance has especially trained crew that is able to provide pre-hospital care to the injured or sick till they can be transferred to a hospital.

Selecting emergency medical transportation services can be very difficult, especially since the decision needs to be made very quickly, but at Royal American Limousines, we can provide you with worldwide medical assistance for your medical transportation needs.

All of our staff is highly trained and every vehicle in our fleet is fitted with the latest in medical equipments to ensure safe transportation. We offer a variety of vehicle types, depending on your requirements, distance of travel as well as budget, and recommend that you get in touch with our offices so we can further guide you through the process.

At Royal American Limousines we aim to provide on-time and reliable services that you can trust again and again. With 24-hour door-to-door service, we offer hassle free traveling to all our clients. It is our commitment to each and every one of our clients that sets us apart from the crowd for the last decade and has established as the leader in transportation services throughout the Miami area. We offer simplified billing, around the year services and online reservations for our clients' convenience.